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Empirical study on Performance comparisons of Block-Based Motion estimation on multi sub-pixel displacement with multiples block size



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This paper presents the impact of sub-pixel displacement and block/windows size on the motion Estimation performance (3 different levels (1, 0.5, and 0.25) for sub-pixel displacement (SPD) and 2 different block/windows size (8×8/16×16 and 16×16/32×32)). Our empirical study concentrates on Full search (FS), a novel four-step search algorithm (NFSS), a block-based Gradient descent search algorithm (BBGDS), a new diamond search algorithm (DS) and hexagon search algorithm (HS). Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) is referenced as the indicator on our Performance comparison results. These experiment results are comprehensively tested and conclude on several standard sequences such as AKIYO, COASTGUARD, CONTAINER, and FOREMAN that have different foreground and background movement characteristic. © 2012 IEEE.

Peak signal to noise ratio (45 items found) | Estimation performance (4 items found) | Performance comparison (65 items found) | Gradient descent (11 items found) | Full search (4 items found) | PSNR (11 items found) | SPD (1 items found) | Block-Based Motion Estimation | Diamond search algorithms | Hexagon search algorithms | Movement characteristics | Sub-pixel displacements | Learning algorithms | Motion estimation | Search Algorithms | Empirical studies | SPDBlock sizes | Coastguards |

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