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Decentralized software upgrading in Remote network based on Embedded linux



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Embedded devices used in Remote network have schedules to transmit analytical data from sensing devices over long distance with long range communication such as General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) with client-server communication. Besides, the existing Master Slave Upgrade Firmware method requires each connection time for reprogramming. After device installation, Firmware reprogramming and reconfiguration for all embedded devices in Remote network are difficult. The more number of devices (N) are installed, the more effort is needed for reprogramming and reconfiguring. In this paper, a novel Decentralized Firmware Upgrade method is proposed without using client-server concept. The proposed method is able to distribute programs or configurations from the embedded device that has been last reprogrammed. The results show that the new Firmware Upgrade can dramatically save upgrading time in a network with high N. © 2013 IEEE.

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