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The mobile technologies Performance comparison for Internet services in Bangkok



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This paper presents the methodology employed and findings of the mobile technologies performance for Internet services in Bangkok, Thailand. The measurements involved the latency, user data rates, and Speed tests. The Performance comparisons were conducted among Thai major Mobile network operators in the two frequency bands 850/900MHz and 2100MHz in Thailand. The findings indicated that not only Thai Mobile network operators have already occupied more than one frequency band; but also in need for the QoS perceived by the customers. Hence, 2100MHz offered better performance when compared with 850/900MHz, up to 47% under the latency, 349% on the speed, and 621% in the user data rate tests. The results revealed that TrueMoveH offered better performance in terms of the user data rates. While AIS had achieved the best results in the latency tests; the Speed test performance were spitted between DTAC and TrueMoveH. © 2015 IEEE.

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