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Linux User interface and Front-end operation for the Visually impaired



เครือข่ายนักวิจัย+ผลงานวิจัย (full screen)


This paper presents a work that supports the Visually impaired to be able to use the PSU Braille computer more easily. As the PSU Braille computer uses Linux as an operating system which can be unfamiliar to many users, this Work Focuses on the text-based User interface and Front-end operation especially designed for the Visually impaired and to support Braille devices including Braille printers, keyboards and displays. Along with the Hardware development of the PSU Braille computer, the group has also developed Translation software with Thai and English Processing capability. The work in this paper also includes the integration of all translation programs, i.e. English, Thai, Math, Chemistry to Braille and vice versa, using the Extensive Markup Language (XML) and Braille computer code. In addition, the XML technology has also been applied extensively for classifying and collecting documents in the system. © ACM 2007.

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