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Analysis and investigation of Skew effect on behavior and performance of a Small scale three-phase Self-excited induction generator



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This paper presents analysis and investigation of the Skew effect on behavior and performance of a three-phase, 220/380V, 8.7/5.0A, ?/Y connected, 4 Poles, 2.2kW Self-excited induction generator (SEIG) with different angles Rotor skewing. A 2D Finite element analysis (2D-FEA) is used to consider Core loss, flux density and Circuit parameters. Analysis of excitation capacitor values for the SEIG based on a steady-state Equivalent circuit model including rotor Skew effect is given. Skewed rotor slots with angle of 0° (non-skew), 5° and 10° for the SEIGs are employed. Testing and Performance comparisons under Steady-state operation with a pure resistive load have been conducted. Obtained results can be guidelines and recommendations for development of effective Wind induction generators. © 2011 The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.

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