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Development of Open Source Software for Multi-temporal Disaster monitoring across network with Dynamic data exchange



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The objective of this study is to develop a web-based Geo-information service using Open Source Software for distributing Multi-temporal data such as Flooded areas Satellite imagery and GIS Base line data, which will be provided through internet to related agencies. In this study, we used NASA World Wind version 1.4.0, which is an open-source software. We also created a plug-in called "Language Switcher" for Thai language user-interface, and customized XML files to Control data display according to request sent to the server. We used Luster Cluster on Linux OS to provide a data cluster for the server. We configured Apache Web Server and UMN MapServer to provide Web Map Service (WMS), which comprised GIS Base line data and disaster data such as map of Flooded areas interpreted from Radarsat and SPOT-5 images, and from Landsat-5 acquired in dry season covering the whole country. The tools that we developed can display GIS Base line data, Multi-temporal disaster data and Satellite images on a fully 3D interactive globe through NASA World Wind, and we called it "Digital Thailand version 1.4.0".

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