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Performance comparison of Digital Watermarking for scanned document in RGB and YC b C r channels



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In this paper, we propose a Watermarking scheme based on pixel-wise based Digital Watermarking for printed and Scanned images. Conceptually, the watermarked image is printed on an A4 White color paper to create a ready-to-use paper having the watermark inside. This ready-to-use paper is then used to print out text and/or images to create a watermarked document. At another end, the embedded watermark can later be extracted from the distributed print out, and used to identify the document launcher and/or distributor. We apply in this research work the Watermark embedding in various color channels, namely R, G, B, Y, C b and C r . The performances of the proposed Watermarking scheme in terms of quality of the watermarked paper and the watermarked document, and accuracy of the extracted watermark are then demonstrated and compared. The experimental results show the impressive outcome when applying our proposed scheme in the C r , C b and Y color channels, respectively. © 2009 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

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