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The development of high performance remote terminal unit using RT-linux for Distribution system



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For the past decade, the pace of Electrical distribution development has been unprecedented. This paper presents a high performance development in the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) of the Distribution system. To support a high performance RTU (HPRTU), the Real-time Linux (RT-linux) Operating System is the main operating system in the RTU's platform consisting of three main boards: (i) Central Processing Unit (CPU); (ii) Analogue-to-Digital Converter (A/D); and (iii) Digital Input/output (DIO) boards. However, the industrial world currently has many CPU platforms. It becomes more and more difficult to develop functions on all platforms. Therefore, the various platform compatibility and the viable function reuse benefits are two main benefits of the development on RT-linux. Finally, these benefits reduce the Development time and cost. © 2009 SICE.

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