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On the performance of MIPv6 and FMIPv6 based on real IPv6 applications over IEEE 802.11g Testbeds



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Mobility support in IPv6 networks (MIPv6) and Fast handovers for Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) are already released as RFCs for many years. While the former focuses on maintaining the Network connections when a mobile node handovers across Subnets, the latter is built based on the former concept, but focuses on reducing the packet loss and latency inherent to the Handover process. Performance study of both protocols was conducted, but most of them are based on simulations or Numerical analysis. Therefore, in this paper we present a set of experiments with real implementations of MIPv6 and FMIPv6 for Linux operating system, and their Performance evaluation based on Real applications. We create a real IEEE 802.11g wireless testbed and run real IPv6 applications, such as FTP and the Video streaming. Jperf measurement tool is also used to measure the UDP performance as well. Performance metrics we observe are throughput, Jitter, and Handover latency. For Video streaming, the Mean opinion scores (MOS) is used to evaluate. ©2010 IEEE.

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