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A Performance comparison of Energy conservation between Idle mode and power down mode for microcontroller in wireless mobile node



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    In the regular of wireless network, conserving energy is important to extending the lifetime of Mobile nodes and network. The goal of this paper is investigated the comparison of Energy conservation between Idle mode and power down mode based on the microcontroller. The LWM-433H Wireless module is applied with the microcontroller. The operation of Idle mode and power down mode are controlling the energy supply while the Data transmission only. Based on experiment, the Data transmission of wireless node is every 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes at the transmission range is 65 meters. The time of each transmission successfully at 0.33 seconds that the Frame size is 10 bytes, the battery is 12V2.6Ah. The result shows that the Energy conservation of microcontroller in power down mode is more than Idle mode by up to 14.59 percents, 14.64 percents and 14.65 percents, respectively. In addition, the battery lifetime in mobile node is 89.55 hours, 89.62 hours and 89.64 hours. The result can be explained, the power down mode that is stop the operation of an oscillator circuit while the Idle mode closes the Internal clock signal only. The result may be applied for some mobile application and support working with lifetime such as wireless mobile node, etc.

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