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Unified Performance analysis of two-hop fixed gain relay systems with Beamforming



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We present a unified Performance analysis of Beamforming, for the system in which the source and the destination are both equipped with Multiple antennas while the relay is equipped with a Single antenna. By assuming general Correlation structures with arbitrary eigenvalue multiplicities at the source and the destination, the exact Outage Probability for fixed gain relaying is derived. As a result, our New results unify all previously reported cases as well as new additional ones. Furthermore we derive the exact Outage Probability for TAS(Transmitter Antenna Selection)/MRC system and provide a Performance comparison of the two systems. To Gain insights, we have also presented High signal-to-noise ratio expressions which clearly show the impact of number of transmit/receive antennas and correlation on the Outage Probability. Finally, Monte Carlo Simulations are presented to verify the correctness of the Analytical results. © 2011 IEEE.

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